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nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need, ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. right now, hiring is up, the unemployment rate is down. dropping to its lowest level in more than five years. it's not necessarily all good news it also right now, president obama and the german chancellor angela merkel have been meeting at the white house. big topic of discussion, clearly, the escalating crisis in ukraine. right now, fighting near sloventsk as they try to sweep the city of pro-russian separatists. residents there warned to stay home and avoid windows. hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. on the surface, the april jobs
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report looks terrific. but when you dig a little bit deeper, there is some disappointing news. the labor department says 288,000 jobs were added in april. that's significantly more than expected, very good number. the unemployment rate fell from 6.7% to 6.3%. also encouraging. but thousands and thousands of people continue to drop out of the labor force in april. for more, our team of experts. cnn's chief business correspondent christine romans, ryan mack, president of optimum capital management, and cnn's global economic analyst rana ferura. these latest numbers, pretty encouraging. what does it say about the overall health of the u.s.
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economy? >> it says the slow healing continues it the economist who is the adviser to the big german insurer, well-known economist, has told me this is a turning point for the labor market. you pointed out sort of that drop in unemployment rate in some of the statistical reasons why it fell. the labor department telling us it's not because they were discouraged workers leaving. it's not thousands of people dropping out. it's because new entrants who they expected to flow into the labor force for some reason didn't show up. seniors who expected to go back to work who didn't. new entrants, young people who are getting their first foot into the labor market, didn't come in. that was sort of what that whole number was about. 6.3%, the lowest in 5 1/2 years. 288,000 jobs created. that's a number you want to see and you want to continue to see that kind of growth, wolf. when i look at these numbers, what does it mean for the health of the economy? i see shop clerks, i see cocktail waitresses. i also see added in the jobs numbers here miners,
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transportation workers, construction workers, manufacturing, accountants, lawyers, i.t. professional, a broad-based group of workers who found jobs in the last month. >> ryan, in addition to the 288,000 jobs created in april, they revised the numbers for february and march. those numbers are pretty good to begin with. by, what, another 30,000 additional jobs. so it's clearly moving in the right direction. the number of jobs that are being created across the board. >> i mean, absolutely. but one of the numbers i looked at, we're at a 35-year low in the participation rate, about 62.8%. again, as christine said, a lot of individuals are still not getting into the economy. i mean, i'm excited as well, 5 1/2-year low with unemployment. but what we are trying to point to, what we try to do in terms of additional education and even blacks, 11.6% unemployment rate for black, 19.8% unemployment rate for teenagers. a lot of these individuals are
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not being able to get into the employment market essentially because what i will figure, a lack of education. there's a direct negative correlation between the more education you receive, the more employment you'll also be able to receive and the lower the unemployment you'll be able to receive. as an overall economy, i traveled across this country, a lot of people are still feeling pain. we're moving in the right direction but we have a long way to go. >> as you correctly point out moving in the right direction, what are the global implications of this latest job report? >> this report and the next couple that come after it, which would create a trend, are going to be important in terms of federal reserve interest rate policy. there's a big debate about that group of long-term unemployed workers and whether in fact they'll be able to get back into the labor market if we have another few months of job numbers like this. those who believe these workers will eventually come back into the labor market think we should keep interest rates low for a
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longer time, keep things going the way they are, give some extra juice to the economy in that way. others say no, this is a group that will never come back into labor force and, indeed, short-term unemployment figures are about where they should be, which would imply more inflation going forward, which would also imply that interest rates should go up faster. so this is going to be a big topic to watch in the next couple of months. if interest rates go up, everybody's debt costs increase. >> good analysis, guys, thanks very much. don't forget, christine will have a lot more on this jobs report and a lot of other news coming up on our weekend show, "your money," saturday at 2:00 p.m. eastern. other news, president obama and germany's leader facing some serious questions today on foreign policy flash points including the crisis in ukraine. the president just wrapped up a joint news conference with the german chancellor angela merkel. the u.s. is warning of tougher
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sanctions against russia over ukraine. the president saying the preference is a diplomatic solution but if that doesn't happen the next step is more sanctions. he says he understands the concerns of some european countries but he's confident the u.s. and the european union will stand together. >> the goal is not to punish russia. the goal is to give them an incentive to choose the better course. and that is to resolve these issues diplomatically. and i think we are united on that front. within europe, within the eu, i'm sure there has to be extensive consultations. you've got 28 countries and some are more vulnerable than others to potential russian retaliation. we have to take those into account. not every country is going to be in exactly the same place. what has been remarkable is the degree to which all countries agreed that russia's violated international law, violate ed
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territorial sovereignty of a country in europe and there has to be consequences for that. >> reports of helicopters being shut down and heavy gunfire. ukrainian security forces today launched their most intense operation so far against the pro-russian separatists. the interior minister saying ukraine has taken back nine blockades that were under the control of the pro-russian forces. our senior international correspondent nick patton walsh is near the town where the operation is taking place. i understand you have some new information on casualties. tell us what you can. >> the self-declared mayor of the city, has told me that five of what you learn to as pro-russian militants have been killed here, as well as civilians. that's a higher death toll than
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one of his people put out on social media hours earlier and higher than some russian media reports. we can't confirm it ourselves. still the impact is there of seven dead. i know an instance of an elderly man who had his legs crushed when he tried to get in the way of an armored personnel carrier. the impact, as i say, will be severe it it is the blood shed which potentially moscow said might cause their troops to come across the border. i think many people believe that might be considered a policy failure. because those who say this is all russian instigated points to how slowly coordinated and tra tegically this has been done through using loyal ukrainians potentially coordinated outside of the country. looks likely today we may see some escalation of the conflict here. it's going to be hard frankly for the kremlin after the rhetoric of the past few weeks to coudo nothing in the face of this and i'm sure the meeting of the security council, wolf, is a
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place where their voice is going to be heard. >> you heard president obama, nick, at the news conference with angela merkel that just wrapped up several times refer to those international monitors who have been detained by pro-russian elements in eastern ukraine. representatives from the organization of security and cooperation in europe. what's the latest? what are we hearing about those monitors who are now being, according to u.s. officials, being held hostage? >> there's no question, being held against their will. they're referred to as prisoners of war, in fact, by protester. we know yesterday they were continuing daily contact between a separate osc delegation negotiating their relief. the spokeswoman for the self-declared mayor said to me she was joking with them every day. i'm not sure if they shared her sense of humor. we don't know what has happened today. it's troubling for someone like
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merkel to know there are german citizens, german military officers at the center of the standoff here, one of the strongest cards frankly that the self-declared mayor of this town play in the crisis. we know the conditions inside the city increasingly tense to foreigners certainly. we heard the russian ambassador to the u.n. that there were english-speaking mercenaries somehow involved in this. >> nick patton wolf on the ground for us in eastern ukraine. there was more fallout from that attack in benghazi. our own gloria borger standing by from some analysis of the president who's handling several hot-button issues now. malaysia reviewing its
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liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? white house now facing more fallout from the terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. here are the latest developments. the republican congressman darrell issa says he has subpoenaed the secretary of state kerry to testify on the benghazi attack at a may 21st hearing. issa has led the house oversight committee investigation. now a source telling our own dana bash that house republican leaders have decided to form what's called a select committee to investigate benghazi. the latest fallout stems from white house documents just
10:15 am
disclosed this week. for more on the benghazi fallout, let's bring our chief political analyst gloria borger. the benghazi issue didn't come up at the news conference the president just had. but it is clearly not going away. republicans, especially in the house, are trying to escalate the matter. >> because they think it's a good political peg for them to use against an administration they would say is secretive and tried to cover up what really occurred in benghazi. you've heard the white house defense on this, wolf. they've said this e-mail that was just released from deputy national security adviser was not about benghazi but about the entire situation in the region. was not a smoking gun. so i assume they're going to go back and forth on this, obviously announcing they're going to have a special committee investigate it escalates it, but do i need to remind you we're heading into the midterm elections here. >> their ordering john kerry to testify.
10:16 am
now, he was a united states senator in 2012 when the attack occurred, hillary clinton was the secretary of state. i'm not sure what he'll be able to add as far as what happened during those critical few days. this is an issue that could hover over the former secretary if she decides to run for president. >> we've heard her testify on this issue in the past. it's clearly something that's an important issue for her. an emotional issue because of four people being killed. it's going to be something that comes up on the campaign trail, should she decide to run. but this is a way for republicans to kind of get into this whole notion of the president's foreign policy. has it been effective in fighting terror? and this is something they're going to use. >> some good news for the president, those job numbers we reported ted top of the hour, almost 300,000 new jobs created last month alone, 288,000 to be specific. >> you notice, it's the first thing the president talked about when he was doing this press conference, was angela merkel.
10:17 am
>> he said my good friend angela, i want to start off -- >> i just want to let you know. >> -- you won't mind if i talk about positive job numbers. as they used to say during the clinton administration when he was running for president bill clinton, it's the economy, stupid. >> there is still the problem of the long-term unemployed. that's something the administration keeps talking about. as long as the president can keep saying we're adding jobs, people are getting back to work, it's a very, very important point for people to take to their constituents. he's giving them a lot of stuff that's hard for democrats to defend, you know, obamacare being one of them. it's had all of its problems with the rollout. now they've got over 8 million enrolled so they can start going on offense on that, they can start going on offense on jobs, so this is something that is very important to then as they kind of gathered their talking points for the midterms. >> especially when you take a look at the posters love that, right track, wrong track, is the
10:18 am
country moving in the wrong direction or right direction. this bolsters that the economy seems to be moving in the right direction. >> if your district is doing well, your congressman can tout it. if your district is falling behind, then your congressman has to say, you know what, we still have a long way to go, we've still got problems. so i think that overall, a rising tide lifts all bodies in term, of the economy so this is good news for them. >> all right, gloria, thank you. russia now calling for an emergency session at the united nations security council. how much will that impact the crisis in ukraine? that's straight ahead. and this, will donald sterling fight to keep his nba team? some say it could drag on for years.
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there's an emergency meeting at the united nations security council now. on the agenda, the crisis, clearly escalating, in ukraine. the russians actually asked for this emergency meeting of the security council. >> they asked this morning. going into it, wolf, they were looking for any indications of russia using the situation in ukraine right now with what's going on in sloventsk and the clashes of any further indication of what their next steps are. are they going to use this as a pretext for any kind of invasion, any movement into ukraine. the u.n. ambassador to the u.n. didn't mince any powers when she talked about who she thought was responsible for the unrest there. let's take a listen. >> there is horrible violence in
10:23 am
eastern ukraine and that violence is coming as it has been for weeks now from russian-directed agents and paramilitaries and their associates. the rest of us are deeply and sincerely concerned. despite its rhetoric, russia can't be, because russia is causing this instability. >> wolf, they don't really know what russia's next steps are or what their intentions. are they looking to move into ukraine? they don't think so. what they think is this is further psychological intimidation and bullying. as you heard president obama say, if russia continues these actions there's going to be stiffer results. >> is it true russia is blaming english-speak agitators, in their words? >> he's talking about the u.s. and eu. he said basically this was a coup in kiev that was launched by the united states and the european union. >> this is vitale turken, the
10:24 am
russian ambassador to new york. >> he doesn't mince words when he thinks the eu, the u.s., have been goading on the ukrainians, kind of helping them behind the scenes. >> the whole discussion at the u.n. security council right now, it's basically on all sides just rhetoric, because the russians have a veto power, the u.s. has veto power. so as far as formal resolutions emerging one way or the other, that's not going to happen. >> no, because the russians have their veto. basically, it's what they call an ongoing session. then replies from each side. we're going to hear from ambassador churkin about what ambassador power said. it's going to be an ongoing he said/she said all day long but little action taking place at the united nations. this is one of the frustrations of the united states with syria also, that russian veto precludes any serious business going on at the united nations these days. >> eelise, thanks very much.
10:25 am
elise labott reporting. just ahead, a very different story, what are the options for los angeles clippers owner sterling now? we'll have a live report. it's also a matter of life and death. more on our exclusive investigation into how u.s. military veterans are dying while they're waiting to see a doctor. narrator: this is the storm sea captain: there's a storm comin narrator: that whipped through the turbine which poured... surplus energy into the plant which generously lowered its price and tipped off the house which used all that energy to stay warm through the storm. chipmunk: there's a bad storm comin! narrator: the internet of everything is changing how energy works. is your network ready?" this is mike. his long race day starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief.
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welcome back. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. there's a new development involving the los angeles clippers owner donald sterling who's just been banned from the nba for life for racist remarks. espn and "the new york post" is both reporting the 80-year-old sterile has been battling prostate cancer for some time. meanwhile, other nba owners are moving forward with the process of trying to force him to sell the clippers. brian todd is here, working the story for us. there are some people who fear this could drag on for a long, long time. >> it really could, wolf. sterling is very clearly a wily legal manipulator. he's been involved in lawsuits. he knows how to play the system. here's another possible option. he and his wife are estranged. legal experts and divorce attorneys we've spoken to say they could file for divorce and that would add another layer of legal complexity to this whole effort. the ownership of the clippers, if they filed for divorce, could
10:30 am
be placed at least partially at the discretion of a family court. that's another legal layer that people would have to go through to try to force him to sell the team that creates more lawyers arguing over the team's assets, how to divide the team. so if they file for divorce, that's another way they could stall the process. i spoke to one divorce attorney. he says if they file for divorce, this could drag on for two years. by that time, who knows where we're going to be in this case. >> there is a history here, as you point out, three decades or so ago. he had a huge legal fight with the nba. >> that's right, 1982. sterling was ironically captured on tape talking about the team possibly tanking to get a big draft pick. the "l.a. times" reported a special committee voted to oust him as an own of the clippers in '82. one source telling "the new york times," quote, he's as good as gone. sterling, a few days after the vote, announces, i'm going to sell the team, want to sell the
10:31 am
team. well, he says that and then apparently not much happened. a stalling tactic apparently is what it was. in february of 1983 it then commissioner david stern announced he thought the clippers were being operated in a first class fashion and the nba wouldn't pursue it anymore. so sterling's been faced with this before. he has stalled before. he's gotten away with it before. this could happen again. >> he's never faced, though, a national uproar, international uproar, as he's facing right now. >> that's right. >> he was much younger, 32 years ago, than he is right now. if these reports are true that he's got prostate cancer, you know, maybe at this stage in his life, he'll have a different attitude. >> he may very well do that. he's 80 years old. apparently his marriage to his wife is more than 50 years old. and so this is -- he may be looking for some angles and ways to divest himself of this trouble so maybe he'll go along with it. this history, as we're learning now, some of these cases, suggest he's not like that. so we'll see what happens. >> maybe he's changed.
10:32 am
>> maybe. >> thanks very much. i know you'll have more later in "the situation room." they volunteer to serve their country in war time, but is there country letting them down? more of our exclusive investigation about the u.s. vets waiting and waiting for health care. we'll speak to a 20-year veteran and more than 200 girls missing for week. relatives are demanding action. so what can be done? we'll ask an expert. what does it mean to have an unlimited mileage warranty on a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz? what does it mean to drive as far as you want... for up to three years and be covered? it means your odometer... is there to record the memories. during the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event now through june 2nd, you'll get complimentary pre-paid maintenance and may qualify for a two-month payment credit. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer.
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this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. an update now on our series of exclusive reports about military veterans dying, yes, dying, while waiting to see doctors at a v.a. hospital. the head of the phoenix veterans hospital has been placed on administrative leave along with two other staffers. she seen here in an interview with our own drew griffin, who's been doing amazing work on all this.
10:36 am
there are all new allegations the phoenix facility had a secret waiting list and claims more than 40 veterans died waiting for care. the report prompted president obama to order an investigation and yesterday the veterans affairs secretary, eric shins i shinseki, called for a complete review, saying, these allegations if true are absolutely unacceptable and if the inspector general's investigation substantiates these claims, script and appropriate action will be taken. shinseki's office has repeatedly denied requests by cnn over six months to interview the secretary about these allegations. an outstanding request for shinseki to join us continues. let's bring in jesse jane duff right now, organizing committee -- part of an organizing committee that's involved in all of this. she represents concerned veterans america -- for america. jesse, thanks very much for coming in. you served in the military.
10:37 am
>> yes. >> you have a personal stake in what's going on. >> yes. >> i'm outraged, i assume you are as well. >> i seven eserved 20 years. it is long been known among veterans there's a problem with the v.a. medical system. the biggest reason i joined us with concerned veterans for america. we've been very aggressive about this. we addressed them on their million veteran backlog they thought they were going to hit and not even getting the claims addressed. we've seen deaths all over the nation. this isn't the first time it's gone on in south carolina, at the doren medical facility. five men are dead would couldn't get in for colon os cappies because the weight times were so long. ohio, you've got 700 veterans ill from legionnaires disease. so this has been a systemic problem within the veterans administration. >> how can this -- in the united states of america, where we honor our veterans, how is this possible? how does this happen? >> well, it's due to mismanagement. in 2009 they opened up the doors
10:38 am
for agent orange illnesses, ptsd and always desert storm syndrome. they were never veterans who never had a claim submitted until 2009. they get a flood of claims from our vaet name era and they're not prepared to handle it so they're immersed with appointment requests, immersed with backlogs to get their clays addressed and they have not fixed it up until now. we're looking at claims that weren't even automated. 97% of a lot of their data was being done manually. it's not a surprise this has happened. >> you've studied this obviously closely. who's to blame? >> you know, it starts from the top. secretary shinseki, he stated he would get rid of the backlog. just getting into the door. not even talking about appointments. instead, it increased by 2,000% within the first few years he was on watch. i hold him accountable. this is his team. these executives must be held
10:39 am
accountable and we need to be able to fire them. as it is right now, we can't even fire the executives. >> we've asked the secretary shinseki to join us on cnn to talk about these issues. so far, he's declined all those requests. how do you -- what does that say to you? >> it tells me he's hiding. this is a general. and now he's afraid? afraid of what? you should be coming out and leading the charge. this woman did this recently in seattle -- >> she's the one that was put on leave. >> yes, she falsified records in seattle. there was nine suicides reported when it was really twice to almost three types that of veterans. she falsified records. instead of being moved out, she was moved up. what is wrong with this picture? >> very proud, by the way, that cnn really, over these past several months, drew griffin, the entire cnn investigations unit, they've really been focusing in on this, because this is outrageous, what's going on to our veterans. a final thought? >> well, we need to get the v.a.
10:40 am
accountability management act passed. this is going to hold executives accountable. it's senate bill 2013. i say to everybody write your representati representative, get it passed. still ahead, frustration mounting in nigeria over the lack of progress in finding dozens and dozens and dozens of kidnapped young girls. we're taking a closer look. what can the u.s., if anything, do about this? plus, the search for flight 370 soon begins a whole new phase. ♪ [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today...and tomorrow. so let's see what we can do about that... remodel. motorcycle. [ female announcer ] some questions take more than a bank. they take a banker. make a my financial priorities appointment today.
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and this park is the inside of your body. see the special psyllium fiber in metamucil actually gels to trap some carbs to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. metamucil. 3 amazing benefits
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in 1 super fiber. more than two weeks ago, 230 young schoolgirls were kidnapped in the middle of the night in nigeria. now their parents, their friends, a social come pain is under way, asking everyone to help find them. militants dragged the girls out of their beds, herded them on to trucks and disappeared into the woods. nigerian have criticized the nigerian government for its handling of the rescue efforts. i'm joined by jennifer kooshg director of the africa program at the center for strategic and international studies here in washington. this is really an outrageous story, jennifer. it's a shocking, shocking development. you studied this for a long time. you know nigeria. you've seen this before. how likely is it that these girls will be free? >> it's not impossible at this point. they may still be under arms of the militant group, kind of still in one central location. there's a possibility of
10:45 am
negotiation of some kind. right now, a military strike against wherever they're encamped is probably going to result in a lot of casualties and nobody wants to see that. so i think we have to -- it has to be approached extremely delicately. frankly, the nigerian military is not known for its delicate surgical strikes. >> is there anything the united states or others can do to help nigeria, which is a friendly country, deal with this issue? 230 young girls are being held by this group. this is a militant islamist group that doesn't believe girls should get an education. >> yes, i mean, this is an egregious group. i think we can help generally in the security response. in this particular case where you're talking about a hostage situation, perhaps we can provide some surveillance, air support, advice on hostage negotiation, but this is going to be a delicate negotiation at this point.
10:46 am
>> tell us about this group, bok boka haram. we've been talking about this group, doing excellent reporting. tell us about this group, because they clearly represent a threat, not only in nigeria but elsewhere in africa. >> exactly. this began as a small sect in the remote northeast of nigeria. initial tactics were throwing grenades into bars and police stations. it's now accelerated, expanded its targets. suicide bombings. it's attacked dormitories and killed -- >> they don't just go after christians, they go after fellow muslims as well if they think these muslims are letting girls get an education. >> even boys. boca haram means western education is forbidden. they've killed young boys sleeping in dormitories. >> do they have a connection to al qaeda? >> they express affection or
10:47 am
affiliation with al qaeda and there may be some linkages but so far they've been local in nigeria. >> the outrage in nigeria is enormous. being focused at the nigerian government, the nigerian military. how could they allow this to get out of control? >> i think there's a lot of anger. many nigerians this was so far away, up in the northeast, that it didn't hit them as hard. this outrageous kidnapping of these girls, who are going to be sold into marriage, euphemism -- >> what does that mean, being sold into marriage? >> it's a euphemism for being sold into sexual servitude and essentially raped. >> and these are young girls, 14-year-old, 15-year-old girls. >> teenage girls. >> they would be sold to some guys out there -- >> or they -- >> and become sexual slave, if you will. >> or the militants themselves would take them as so-called wives. this is why nigerians, north, south, everywhere, and the world i think is so outraged. because if any parent can understand the pain and anguish
10:48 am
that they're feeling right now. >> it's an awful situation. i hope they can fix it. whatever help the u.s. and other countries in africa, elsewhere, can do, to deal with this organization, would be critical. jennifer cook, thanks for coming in. if you'd like to help, by the way, you can find out a lot more on our website. go to and you will be able to do that. other news, malaysia now making some new announcements on the search for flight 370. where is the search possibly headed? and how long may it take? that's next. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? . . an apron is not quitting until you've made something a little better. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? for us, everything.
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♪ ...anytime, anywhere. ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. the search for flight 370 could soon take a dramatic turn. malaysian officials may send a ship to the bay of bengal to check out a new claim the wreckage of the plane could be there even though they don't think they'll find any debris. two navy ships already in the
10:52 am
bay of bengal turns up meantime. details what happened in the minutes and hours in the plane vanished. cnn's will ripley is in kuala lumpur. >> for the first time, officials here in malaysia are answering tough questions about valuable time lost and confusion in those critical first hours. they're also for the first time dismissing possible wreckage thousands of miles from western australia. >> really have nothing to hide. >> reporter: possible wreckage in the bay of bengal, several thousand miles from the search zone. >> many of these have proven to be negative. and this is similar to what we've done before. >> reporter: breaking overnight, news of a meeting. >> we are totally committed to find mh 370.
10:53 am
>> the next step, a daunting deep sea search off western australia, 8 to 12 months, an estimated $60 million and more assets joining the blue fin 21. which so far has found no sign of the missing claim. air traffic control audio of those haunting final words from the cockpit just seconds before the train's tracking devices were switched off. this new report detailing the hours of confusion that followed. 17 minutes before anyone noticed the plane disappeared from radar, another four hours of inaction in the control towers to search and rescue was activated. >> this is what -- up to the investigation team to study, to investigate. >> reporter: meantime, more heartbreak for the families of flight 370. during this meeting in beijing, learning malaysia airlines assistant centers are closing in just a few days forcing them to
10:54 am
go home without any answers about the plane or the 239 people still missing eight weeks later. two more pieces of new information coming out of malaysia today. officials say they were attacking 370 using a flight tracker like the kind of technology you use on your smartphone. and that's what led them to believe it was in cambodian air space. they're also looking into the 17 minutes when no one seemed to notice that the plane disappeared from radar saying they will very closely examine the procedures to make sure that doesn't happen again. wolf? >> will ripley reporting from kuala lumpur. tom fuentes joining us. steve, you think this search in the bay of bengal is really worth it? is it a waste of time? >> you know, to -- to put credence in these claims about what they found in the bay of
10:55 am
bengal would require you to reject what i consider to be the two most solid pieces of evidence in this investigation so far. those are the pings that the best experts in the world heard off of those recorders. and this technology of this company that claims to have seen something in the bay of bengal is used for searching for precious metals or minerals or things like that. i haven't heard any aviation expert put much credibility on that. >> but they're going to do it because of the enormous, i guess, public pressure now as a result of this report this company in australia released. >> right. even though they have little faith in it, they have little choice but to go ahead, go through the motions and try to do it. >> what do you make of this taking place on monday, they're going to start reviewing what's going on. maybe going back to the beginning, look at some of the initial assumptions, make sure they're on the right track. >> right. i don't think there's anything
10:56 am
earth shaking likely to come out of this meeting, especially it's, again, a demonstration of the international determination to stay with this as long as it takes. >> i'm interested. it's china, malaysia and australia. where's the u.s.? >> well, the u.s. only had one passenger, china had 150. >> but it was a u.s. plane. >> well, the u.s. -- >> a boeing 777 is made in the usa. >> but the u.s. doesn't own it. made and sold. >> they sell it for $250 million, the u.s. knows more about this boeing 777 than anybody else if it's a catastrophic mechanical failure, we don't know what it was. the u.s. will be involved. >> well, they're involved in the search, not exactly the investigation to what happened to it. just strictly what areas they should be searching based on the satellite information, the satellite information. >> well, you know, the five-page report that came out yesterday didn't really say very much, but it did, at least, outline that
10:57 am
this investigation now appears to be organized according to the requirements with -- and the credited representative the national transportation safety board from the country of manufacture. so the u.s. is in the investigation, they're just not, apparently, not invited to this meeting, which is more focused as tom said on search. >> u.s. military official as you probably know, tom. tell cnn, the u.s. agrees to extend the stay of that blue fin 21, that drone that goes around on the bottom looking for debris or wreckage or black boxes or whatever. only until the end of next week. if they pull it out, is that a major setback in the search? >> well, we'll see if that pullout really happens. you have the president of the united states telling the world last week or this week visiting malaysia that we're very much going to stay in the search and offer the assets of the united states. i would put more faith, i think, in what president obama said than what a military person has said at this point. >> a lot of people are saying they should basically take a
10:58 am
pause right now, review, give everyone a time -- some time to reflect and then restart that search in a few weeks. >> you know, i'm not sure there's a need for a pause. this is just a massive search with technology that's kind of going very slowly just because of the geography involved, the amount of space and the speed of the blue fin device. >> you know, they say it took two years to find the black boxes from that air france disaster off of brazil and the atlantic ocean. it did take two years even though they found wreckage five days in, it took another two years to find the black box. but in the course of that two years, there were only a few weeks in those two years they were actually looking. most of the time, they were doing nothing. >> it was less than ten weeks, well, they were reevaluating and doing the thinking of it. but in this case, the pause, i think the pilots and air crews are paused right at the moment.
10:59 am
the scientists and the mathematicians don't need to pause. they need to keep looking at the data, keep trying to figure that out. so i don't think there's -- i agree with steve, there's no necessity for a pause. >> we got a lot of details in that report that the malaysians released yesterday to the iko. did you learn anything significant there? >> no, i just read the entire report. and, of course, the air traffic control transcripts, they really appear to be entirely normal. you know, the signoff, in order if you give a frequency change, you would repeat the frequency you are given to change to. i didn't see anything of any substance. >> did you see anything earth shattering in that report? >> no, but i thought it was a remarkable press conference that the malaysians held where they basically said, well, we can't explain the gaps in time. they had all this time to be investigating that.
11:00 am
they ought to have more information than they're reporting now. >> still no clue, at least they're not telling us why this happened. thanks very much for coming in. that's it for me this hour. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in the "situation room." "newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> wolf, thank you so much. hi, everyone, i'm brooke baldwin. i want to begin in the town of minnesota, just about 80 minutes south of minneapolis. and people there today are in shock, in fear, but not in mourning after a tip led to a future school shooter being caught. that is what investigators say about 17-year-old john david ledeux

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